Message on my phone inquiring about a kitchen remodel. I return the call only to find out it's a salesman from Homeadvisors wanting me to sign up.

Having heard all the horror stories I tell him I am not interested. He continues his sales tactic asking more questions. I gave him at least 5 minutes before saying good by. Next two days I get identical calls from the same guy: Brandon.

Now he is harassing me, leaving messages that since I have not returned his call I must be out of business. People wake up!

This is the company you are doing business with- scumbags.

Reason of review: Harassment.

Preferred solution: Stop calling me! take me off your list. And fire Brandon- he is ***.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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I am having the same problem. After I get one agent to leave me alone another starts calling. I don't know how to get them to stop.


They call me every two or three weeks. Today I got a call, hung up was called back and told that I need to listen to them and then decide if I want to work with them. After listening I screamed at them and hung up, I was then called by a supervisor who I got to admit that if I do not sign up they will keep calling and will not stop.

Oakland, California, United States #1289804

What is the phone number to call to report harrasing calls from Home Advisor? We had a man call several times after telling him we were not interested.

He was rude and said we must not be doing well in business and asked why we answered the phone. We are getting tired of these bait and switch phone calls.

Denver, Colorado, United States #971727


We apologize again for this occurrence, and as we stated in our email to you, we will be taking steps to investigate this matter further. We have also placed your account status as "Do Not Call," so you should not be receiving any more calls.

Thank you,

HA Support

to HASupport Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1206473

You guys harass me too. Two calls a week. Business that bad that you need to pathiticaly cold call same person time and time again?

Bob const

Ac nj

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