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Continuously provided with fake leads. A couple leads came from "Satin" with my last name, my personal phone and email. When I called I was given to management who told me they were not sure how it happened but could confirm it came from them INTERNALLY!

That's right I received confirmation that they "Internally" created a lead and sent it to me. I asked management if they had a sales person who was trying to hit quota or increase there monthly commission, and all they could say was "I sure hope not"!

In 8 months (6 of which I set to just my zip code) I was sent 21 leads, only 4 were legit and they credited 6. The other 11 when I called they said they had to be approved by management because I had a credit on my account for providing 2 other business leads(I'm so Sorry!)... I never received credit for these fake leads from management and when I would call back the following month they claimed they didn't have any notes about any credit requests and that they would have to resubmit it for credit. It happened 3 months in a row, same response no notes for credit request and they would have to resubmit. It never went anywhere.. and since it takes on average 45 minutes to request a credit, I didn't have time to keep calling.

I wish I knew how to get a class action going. I'm sure that "Satin" lead would look good in court, confirming they provide fake leads.

For those wondering why a sales person would provide fake leads think of it this way. It they have 100 accounts, and create 2 fake leads per account per month, that's 200 leads. At $25 - $50 per lead that's $5000 - $10000 in additional sales. Then figure if they only refund 10% of those fake leads, that's still $4500 - $9000 in additional sales, At 20% commission that's $900 - $1800 per month in commission for 10 minutes a day of work typing in fake info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Homeadvisor Leads.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $288.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have been with Home Advisor for a few months now. I have an outstanding balance of over $1300.00.

85% of the leads sent to me were not legit.

Either it was a fax machine number, the home owner never inquired about any service, or they had already finished the project days before I even received a lead notification. I really want to dispute and sue them(Home Advisor) for this.


I'm regretting signing up with a home advisor as a contractor. None of their lead work.

Either is a wrong type of job or no one answer calls, email or text messages. What a scam, never again.


I also have been getting fake leads from homeadvisor. A lady answer the phone and i asked if she requested a house cleaner from homeadvisor and she yelled at me and told me to never call her again and that she never requested anything.

Another lady I called and no answer so i texted her and she replied back and said that there was a mistake bc she never requested a house cleaner and said she had no need for it. Im about to call homeadvisor right now and ask them for a full refund and if they dont do it i will see their *** in court.

to Anonymous #1572555

They don’t care


The same happened to my husband and now they are attaching bogus charges to his credit as he refuses to pay for them. He actually turned off leads yet they sent them through anyway and charged him for them even though he did not use them (did not contact the customers). He is going to contact the Better Business Bureau about Home Advisor now.

to Wife of Contractor #1580126

BBB won't do anything. They are as bad as HA.


The lead genarating system used is absulutly criminal what a scam . i got two charges for the same call. Try thumbtack they are way less criminal...

.home advisor Sucks!


Dealing with the same crap, 4 leads in a row not a single peep from the customer no calls back, left countless voicemails, left countless messages and nothing. Clearly they see a higher seasonal flow in the spring time and summer time but when things slow down in the winter. They resort into creating fake leads.

to Solor Land #1445421

I 100% agree, when it’s fair weather 95% of leads are fake


The same crap happens to me as well, the paid leads are a joke. 99% of them never return my calls or emails.

The only business I used to get was from people calling me from my listing. I used to get 15-20 calls a week from that. But when i turned off my automatic lead generation, the calls stopped.

So I can safely assume they hide my information if my leads are off. It isn't because of my ratings either, because I have literally all 5 star reviews.


I work in sales for home advisor and we don't get compensated on how many leads you take. Period.

Additionally our quality assurance guidelines make sure that know one on our business customer care team could say "I hope not" to your accusations. The leads aren't 100% accurate everytime but it's usually an issue with filtering or a home owner mistake/misinformation.

to Anonymous Marietta, Georgia, United States #1095916

Guess you need to speak with your management then because everything I states is 100% as it happened. I quote your management told me " I hope not"

Funny how your management quickly had no problem getting me all my money back after they reviewed your phone records and my account.

Now if I could just get your sales team to quit calling me every week trying to sell me on coming back because they will personally watch over my account. What a joke!



We will be reaching out to you regarding this concern shortly as we have also received your complaint from the BBB. In the mean time, we would like to assure you that under no circumstances will there ever be an employee that receives incentives based on leads charged to a contractors account.

We would never adopt such a system nor have we ever used it in the past.

We will be in touch shortly.


HA Support

to Anonymous #1526760

Really? I just got a lead and I called them back with few hours of lead showing up in my account.

She stated that she never requested anyone to contact her from homeadvisor or she never did it. What a waste of $300.00

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