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We’re sorry to hear about this experience. It appears you’ve done everything possible to get the money owed to you by the contractor you hired. Unfortunately since they were not in our network there isn’t anything we can do to help resolve the issues. As you stated, we strongly encourage everyone to double check references and licensing before signing a contract or paying any money. We wish you the best with the resolution of this issue.

Having been a Real Estate Investor in the Dallas area , I had done business with Service Magic for years, which is a similar company to Home Advisors. I never had a single problem and the contractors were always fair, honest and polite.

So, when I needed help personally in the Houston area, I called on Home Advisors without hesitation. A man called me saying he was with them and set up an appointment. We agreed on a price, signed the contract and he began work. Everything went great until we reached the amount that was owed on the contract but the work was not completed...not by a long shot!

He discovered we weren't going to pay him anything above what was agreed upon and left without completing the work. We contacted Home Advisors and they said they never heard of him. All they would say is that maybe one of their members saw our information and passed it on to this man who we have since learned has even been convicted of Manslaughter 3 times. We never asked for credentials since Home Advisors is the only place we had advertised with.

We have sued and won but he didn't show so we are out thousands of dollars and have a sewer line exposed and no sheetrock in our bathroom, no closets and no vanities or flooring. So, be sure if you use this company, please ask for their id, their credentials from Home Advisor and their insurance and ask if they are bonded and licensed.

Don't feel like the idiots we do. Oh, by the way, Home Advisor took no responsibility and wasn't too sympathetic.

Reason of review: I already answered this.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: I don't expect compensation. That would be nice but I just wish your members would not give out unsuspecting client's information.

I liked: Website.

I didn't like: Not being responsible for member.

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