Home Adviser/Service Magic/Quality Smith are all running the same scam.Consumers submit their contact information in hopes of getting 3 or 4 fast free quotes from their so called (screened contractors).

First of all nothing is free.

These guys sell your information to as many desperate contractors as possible for as much as possible. They promise to set them up with good paying customers who need their services. The desperate contractor provides his credit card number to Home Adviser and they zap it every time they send him potential consumer's information. They also promise the contractor that the info they've sold him has not been provided to any more than 3 competitors.

That has often not been the case and even if it was, these desperate contractors having paid anywhere from $25.00 to $250.00 for the chance to bid the job will often bid too low in hopes of getting it. The results of this are often 1. the contractor is forced to cut corners so the consumer gets a sub-standard job. 2.

The low bid resulted in the contractor not making a profit which makes them less likely to stand behind their work.

3.Most of the leads purchased from Home Adviser do not provide a profitable sale for the contractor which often puts them out of business.

Review about: Homeadvisor Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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We would like to assure you that no matter what, we categorically do not send any lead to more than four contractors, nor do we have any leads in our system for which we charge $250.00. If you have concerns regarding our service, we would be happy to address them if you contact us at emailus@homeadvisor.com.


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As a contractor I have bid jobs low every now and then to get the job but I still stand behind my work. If their paying for leads through homeadvisor and can't afford it you can't blame them. That's a business owner doing bad business.

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