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Handy - Poor service

I contacted HomeAdvisor to book a home cleaning. They contracted through Handy. The "pro" came 15 minutes late, did some light dusting for <;;;; 1 hour, then said she had to leave to go to Dollar Tree "to get something she left at another place". She never came back.
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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads
  • Did not complete job
  • Not as described
Preferred solution
I just want an explanation for what happened. HomeAdvisor has re-booked.
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Homeadvisor is a cyber-leech you can’t kill!!

Hi Angela, We're sorry to hear you've seen anything but success with our service. We do our best to provide you with resources to help you sell your business and we regret to hear that we did not do a good enough job in explaining how those works. We have cleared your outstanding balance and your account has been closed. If there is any additional assistance we can offer, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639 or reach out to -HASupport
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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads

I run a small organic/non-toxic home cleaning business and home advisor contacted me many times via phone and email before I finally agreed to listen to their sales pitch.

I was growing just fine through word of mouth and using thumbtack here and there as needed. The person who called me was very kind and answered all of my very specific questions (one deal breaker question being: can I adjust the type of lead to match what we offer, such as zip code/frequency/time of day/cost?). They assured me that, yes I could set whatever parameters I wanted. I paid my $300 or whatever it was for the year understanding fully that I’d be paying also for leads on top of that.

I didn’t realize how many leads I’d have to pay for that did not fit into our ability to service. So there was a discrepancy between what the sales person said I could do and what I could actually do with regard to filtering leads.

We’re a small, laid back, honest, relationship-based business and home advisors demand for super quick response time to leads was really a horrible fit for us as well.

So I called to cancel.

I was eventually (after hours of waiting) sent to probably a retention person who listened to my concerns - which were that my company was just a bad fit for home advisor. I told her I was sure home advisor was great for some companies but we really needed a slower pace and more importantly the ability to filter out leads who weren’t wanting what we offered.

((For instance, we work m-f, 8-5 and I was getting leads from potential clients who wanted evenings and weekends only, also we only service recurring clients of once every 4 weeks, 2 weeks or weekly... I would get leads for “recurring” cleaning that were only looking for one time or once or twice a year cleanings.))

The rep explained that they didn’t have a way to filter those things but they would pass on my suggestions. She also said that maybe if I explained all this in my profile better I wouldn’t get matched with or contacted by people who didn’t fit what we offered... she also suggested I try to sell those clients on more frequent service or different times of day.

I knew I would never do that as I’m just not a pushy sales person but I agreed to try adding more info to my profile and see how it went. She offered me 5 free quotes which was nice but I didn’t really care either way about the money. I did, but not near as much as I did about being respected, and not being mislead.

Somewhere in this timeline, I was contacted by HA via text and email saying I had an appointment set with “joe the customer” on a certain day and time. I was alarmed- no one at home advisor had explained about any possible appointments being set with potential clients - especially set FOR me without my consent!

Shortly after, I called again and explained that it just wasn’t a good fit and could I please be removed.

Yes. They said yes they would cancel my account!

I even received a confirmation email that my account was cancelled. Yay!

However, I kept getting what I think they call “opportunity” texts and emails to try to hook me back I guess? I mean, a lot of these- many per day. And I went online and saw my profile was still up.

I called again and they explained my leads portion was shut down but since i paid for a year for my listing they left it up... the rep said “why not? It’s paid for and people can contact you directly and it costs you nothing” I responded by saying the only contacts I get from my listing are scams and other advertisers/lead services soliciting me so I’d just like to be done, no profile, no affiliation, no nothing ever.... please.

Over the last 5 months I’ve had to “cancel” 3 times.

And nothing.

I still have a listing up after being assured it would be taken down. And my text and email are still blown up daily with numerous “opportunities” I also am still listed AND still have an account to view leads on the pro site.

I just really can’t fathom a company who is so completely uncaring of it’s customers needs. I would never force myself onto a “client” who literally didn’t need my services at all or didn’t want them at all.

Not only am I insanely annoyed by having an active account, profile listed online, minimum 5 contacts per day all AFTER having cancelled 3 times... (is this a 4th attempt?)

I am also extremely disturbed that a company so detached from its consumers well-being has my billing info- I keep a close eye on my bank account and thankfully nothing has been charged but what a huge pain if it were to happen as it sounds like many others have experienced.

Anyhow ALL I want is to be removed for good, literally, get me off the website- close down my account- don’t drown my phone and email with bs.

You can keep the $600-700 you made off me in the end for a service that you didn’t really sell to me honestly... but just please I never want to be remotely associated with home advisor again ...

I mean, unless the company clearly and honestly has some kind of intense revolution and starts to actually care about people and provide a lead service that benefits my business more than hurts it.

Normally I don’t waste precious time and energy on life sucking things like this but I truly just want to be CANCELLED- please home advisor cancel me?? Pretty please?

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Homeadvisor - Can't get my money back after 5 days!

Hi Aniqua, We're sorry to hear this, we are not a scam. We're more than happy to address any concerns you have with our service and assist you in setting yourself up for success. We have forwarded your concerns to the proper channels, a rep will be reaching out to further assist you. If there is anything else we can help with in the meantime you can also reach out to -HASupport
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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads
Reason of review
Problems with payment

The salesman did not explain to me that every job that I get would be $20 I was under the impression that any lead I get it would be $20 so 5 days later I call back and ask for my money back and they told me they would not give me my money back the company has not doing it nothing in 5 days for me soon as I called them they won't start putting leads on my website and texting me about jobs this is a scam this is not a company that you want to deal. I feel in 5 days you should be able to get your money back if you haven't did nothing with this company and I was told that I can cancel at any time so now I can't cancel I have to be with them for a year and that's not right I'm so sorry that I didn't read the reviews before I signed up with this company. The saleman told me not to believe reviews about Home Advisor the way I have been treated in 5 days I believe all reviews about Home Advisor I believe all of these contractors are telling the truth about this company.

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Homeadvisor - Victoria’s Cleaning Service

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for reaching out, we're sorry to hear about the concerns you have with this pro. We would be happy to help you get a review submitted. We have forwarded your concerns to the proper channels, a rep will reach out to assist you shortly. You can also reset your account password by following this link: If there is any further assistance we can offer in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to


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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads
Reason of review
Poor customer service

We hired on for bimonthly cleaning services in June. The contact person gave a price over the phone and we set up a first service call.

When the worker came she basically complained that it was too much work for the price quoted. After a lot of back and forth we compromised and I ended up paying more than I had before. Then we had weekly missteps with day and time - they only once came at the agreed time. And Because they use just one person it takes 3 hours to clean.

The week before Thanksgiving we spoke and texted about the fact that we would be gone all week and wanted to know when they would be in the house. We arrived home to find an upstairs window wide open and the heating system blasting full force. When I called to report this I was told “ we didn’t open the window. call the police “.

I wasn’t going to call them for an open window. But two days later when I found some things missing I began thinking things over. I do not want to over react but I do want to let people know that the company is not good with scheduling and security. I cannot figure out how to locate the company — it doesn’t come up on your site so I can cancel the job and get to write a review.

I would not include all these. details In the review. Can you please let me know how I can post the review. Lorraine Tarnove.

I am registered on the site but my password is not being accepted. I wrote it down but perhaps I left out a character.

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Homeadvisor - Scam indeed

Hi Ursula, We're sorry to hear about your experience. It looks like you have been able to resolve this matter with a rep, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. If there is anything else we can assist you with please reach out to the resources provided to your email or contact -HASupport
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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads
  • Falsely misresprsented themselves
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

It is really a shame I found out about this company the same week I signed on. They told me I couldn't get my money back because I was past the 72 hour grace period.

I never heard about this until they told me it was not refundable. I wanted to start my cleaning business and thought I could use their help but days later I started calculating how much that would be. They withdrew from my account on a Sat immediately saying that they would check my clearances first. By Monday I was approved.

Sounds shady to me.

I want my money back, because they falsely misrepresented themselves. I am more than pissed off.

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Homeadvisor - Cleaning Leads Review

Hello, We're sorry you feel this way, we recommend getting multiple estimates in order to find the pro that best fits your budget. Our proposed merger with Angie's List is not set to be finalized until the end of the year and both companies are still operating completely independently. You can learn more about the merger here: We'd be happy to address any other questions or concerns you have if you call Customer Care at 877-699-4736 or send your info to -HASupport
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Homeadvisor Cleaning Leads
Reason of review
Bad quality

Ever since the acquisition, their searches for houscleaneing svcs went way downhill to very few and expensive prospects. Extremely useless service and sad to ser its fate.

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