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HomeAdvisors is a SCAM and They Are Lying And Stealing From Contractors!

Hi Mike, We're sorry to hear about your concerns with our service. It appears you canceled your account outside of our refund window and no leads were sent to you after your cancelation request. When you dispute a charge, you are forcing a refund against our terms of service which results in the respective balance being placed back on your account. We're happy to further address any questions or concerns you have regarding your old account with us, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639 to speak to a rep. -HASupport
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Homeadvisor Home Improvement Leads
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Lies And Deception !

Home advisor takes advantage of their Contractors with *** fabricated leads and charging their Credit Card even if all the lead information is bogus. When I requested to quit they told me that there was no refunds even though they sold this service to be under the pretenses that they would supply me with leads for the business model that I service and once you are signed us they send you leads that for services that I never requested.

They told me that they would terminate the service but continued to keep it running and charging my card. I resolved that issue by disputing the charges with my credit card company that after several weeks of investigating without cooperation from Home Advisor found in my favor and refunded me the money. I am now finding that Home Advisors thinks that they are putting me in collections and sending me threatening emails and phone calls. I would love for them to serve me just so I can stand in front of a judge and show them the Credit Card dispute and the emails that told me that the service was canceled and later emails showing that they kept it open.

A word of warning to people who rely on they web presents.

If you take action against them they will destroy your search engine rankings. Lucky for me that most of my business it from word of mouth.

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Homeadvisor - Home Advisor Vendors Not Properly Vetted

We're sorry to hear about your experience. It looks like you had filed a complaint against an electrical contractor you were matched with but we were unable to continue the problem resolution process due to a lack of documentation. Since we are a neutral third party, documentation needs to be provided in order to reach a fair, fact-based resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the resources provided to you are helpful. If you would like to speak with a rep about your case or have any other concerns, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will follow up. –HASupport
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Homeadvisor Home Improvement Leads
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I was scammed and Home Advisor will not help me
Preferred solution
Full refund

I have tried to use Home Adviser for the last few years since I bought my home in Atlanta GA. I have been scammed, extorted, and ripped off by a series of thier so called "professionals" One came here had no tools had to borrow my hammer, my screw driver and my drill.

The drapery hardware he installed fell off the window when I attempted to open it. He also put the patio curtain panel on the wrong side of the patio door. Home adviser has ignored my calls and my complaint. Be careful, do not let the hustlers in your home.

Their electricians scammed me out of over 600.00 and still no one fixed my electrical problem. Home Advisor sent a list of people I could complain to, but not to them. They say they can not do anything.

So keep in mind, these so called vendors are noHome AdvisorHthing but huslers and *** artist operating under the banner of Home Adviser and Home Advisor doen't care who they send to your home. They do not advocate for you either.

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