After forming a new HVAC contracting company, I was solicited by telephone by HomeAdvisor. Some smooth talking salesman said for less than a $300.00 annual fee, HomeAdvisor would provide me with leads to potential customers.

He didn't give me too many details. All I was told was the leads would cost me between $15-$30 per lead. Sounds good? Right?

WRONG!!! What he failed to mention is that the same leads are given to multiple contractors and you get charged per lead whether you get the job or not. The first two leads I received were BOGUS. I was given fake names and addresses to buildings that didn't exist.

After finding this out I called to cancel, but was given the run-around by the two clowns I talked to. They got me so pissed off after just being in business for a few days, I hung up on them. I then contacted the credit card company and disputed the $300.00 fee they charged my account.

I used a credit card rather than a debit card just to give me a way out in case it turned out to be a SCAM!, which it is.

Contractors; do yourself a favor: STAY AWAY FROM THESE FRAUDS!!! Spend your advertising money elsewhere; like a newspaper ad, flyers, yellowpages.

If theses guys had any heart, they'd be out stealing for a living!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Homeadvisor Leads.

Monetary Loss: $298.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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They do not care about the Contractors. They allow Antitrust Violations of common ownership to bid on customers without the customer knowing.

They do not verify NY and PA registrations for HIC to see if they are authorized to do business there. Usually not the case these companies are not registered. They charge for leads that are BS and made up. Then they tell you of you request credit you are asking for too many.

If you fight hard enough you get particle credit meanwhile they charged 3-5 other companies for the same lead.

They charge you for leads for things you do not provide as a service. Disgracefully run a company for a Publicy traded organization.


I want to share this with you! I started a company Called Thrustomer that is currently located in Michigan!

We combat everything that is wrong with Home Advisor. No charge Per Lead and No customer registration. When a customer posts what they need done in a portal, the info is automatically sent to every local business in that category! Literally!

We are trying to expand the rest of the United States and make a mobile app and I was hoping you could help!! Here is our campaign Link: https://igg.me/at/thrustomer/x/22045266#/


got a lead from home advisor to replace water heater the phone number given was for a home depot store charged me $49.00 asked for credit and was denied they never called number to verify just denied credit it seems to happen a lot they are ripping contractors for bad leads


This company posted a fake ad on Craig's list . I made the mistake of calling this 888 #, and they immediately sold my private home # out on a list.

I have received many calls from all over Washington state.

I just spoke to one of the companies that told me they have to pay $20 per number from "home" advisor, aka- this ad. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/sks/d/eatonville-ac-electrician-outdoor/6812908582.html


Please contact me dadeen0821@gmail.com These guys are crooks


I am in complete agreement with other contractor's comments. Their sales people are high pressure, they indicate that the leads will be only $33.00 and that you have the choice to decline the lead.

There is an annual fee of $350.00 plus they want you to subscribe to other services that are even higher priced. Before getting off the phone with the sales person a lead came in, the service was never confirmed, the website was never accessed, no user account was ever set up. This was verified with what they call a customer service department. They are now charging us $47.00 for the lead, not $33.00.

We are receiving threatening letters about collections and their supervisor in a telephone conversation said if we think we have problems now just wait. They will turn it over to collections and ruin our credit. This company is about high pressure sales, threats and intimidation. All contractors should beware of the service, find other avenues to obtain business.

If you talk to them do not agree to anything and do not give them your credit, debit card or any bank information. You will regret it.


I’m not a contractor but have called contractors referred by home advisor; they never return calls! U can’t even pay people to work any more.

My lead was valid but not one contractor called or emailed me back.

Not even the courtesy of a reply saying, perhaps, that wasn’t a job they normally do. Nothing!


from a contractor perspective there could be a reason for this. you could have entered a small job into a high price lead.

meaning that if you wanted an outlet changed but put down home rewiring, well that lead costs around a 120 dollars, which is insane to begin with. now imagine what I would have to charge you to make it worth it for me to contact you.

id get charged immediately and then you'd go with the cheapest guy anyway. you homeowners don't realize the cost of being apart of this scam!


I had the same happen to me false leads


Yes you are right! I got trick in to the same thing... noone ever mentioned anything about lead fee to me and especially anything about different jobs This is a BIGGEST SCAM!!!!


The same thing happened to me how do you get them to take you off the contractor list for good


Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. If that doesn’t work, change the credit card number (e.g., you lost your credit card) or bank account number.


Are you a service provider that wants real ROI. I can show you first hand how do get homeowner and business owners to call youBradNative Rank


My name is also Brad. I own an Epoxy floor coating Co. Tell me how to get residential customers to call me to get their garage coated.

Dale P

join the RICO class action against them


I agree, this company is a scam. I signed up and after a few leads that were way more expensive than Scott Carter told me they were going to be I tried to cancel my subscription.

That worked for a while, but they didn't really close the account, they just put it on hold. A few weeks ago in the middle of a Friday night my phone went off with two leads. I immediately logged in and paused leads until Monday when someone was in the office to close the account.

Now two months later they are sending me a bill, so I have been sitting on hold for 30 minutes waiting to talk to someone that can get this straightened out. Contractors, stay away from this company.


Did they try to send you final notice for your payment due? Same thing happened to me


True true true! We experienced one lie after another, bogus leads, mis information or none at all.


I found the same thing as a contractor for home advisors.


Huge ripoff !Said they would stop drafting my CC and kept on & on !