home adviser reps have been telling me something different every time I call to ask why i haven't had my refund yet. It has been over a month now and im waiting to get my $300.00 back.

this company is very unprofessional and also sent me wrong leads that didn't have any concern with my business. Do yourself a HUGE favor and DO not use this company. Do your research before you decide to go with them.

the only good reviews about Home adviser are probably all paid for by home adviser. STAY AWAY FROM HOME ADVISER, THEY CHANGED THEIR NAME FOR A REASON YOU KNOW...SHADY COMPANY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Homeadvisor Leads.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $298.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Home advisor takes your money, Misleading, False leads they charge for.

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Homeadvisor did the same thing to me! I got *** leads or leads that I was charged so much for I ended up losing money.

I discontinued use and STILL receive daily calls and leads even though I've unsubscribed. *** company!


I signed up about 2 weeks ago even got a $100 credit to my first lead. After paying for the membership of course.

I have recieved 15 leads and only have made 40 bucks from one. I signed up for mow and maintain lawn and I get one time services that cost me 28 and the job is worth 40 to 60. It is a RIP off.

I had 2 leads for one address and neither of them filled out their info right so I paid for those leads and it is not even work I signed up to do and they refused to refund me those cost. I am done with homeadvisor.


How do I get out of membership when they just charged my bank another year without asking , and email doesn't it state membership renewal fee anywhere


I was lied to by the salesman that it would be $380 during the verbal voice recorder when I heard the recording Saint other charges I said stop wait a minute what is it they talking about extra charges the salesman then replied don't worry about that I got you months later I noticed my card declined and there has been two withdrawals and one failed attempt of a withdrawal totalling about $750 I want to bring a lawsuit against them I don't know if I can and how much money I want to spend but if other people are going to bring lawsuits I will too the credit card company said it was fraud what the salesman has done.


I agree - Out of 30 leads, only 6 were actual live human beings even remotely interested in any kind of work being done. The rest were unanswered calls, emails and texts.

A few people who did answer were surprised at my call, and had never heard of homeadvisor before. I have a sneaky suspicion that Homeadvisor reps get a commission on leads, and have their friends generate fake leads so they can get paid and meet their quota.

No proof, but I can't think of a better reason for someone to generate so many fake leads. I spent several phone calls trying to get reimbursed for all the fake leads, and it got me nowhere - So I just disputed all the charges on my credit card.

to Dynamic Computing #1416686

How can I get my money back from them. They done the same *** to me.

Sent me false leads and tried to charge me for them. I feel like suing them. Worst *** ever.


Call or text me please

9184717227. danielflener08@gmail.com

to Dynamic Computing #1448429

How did you dispute? Did you get money back?


We need a nation wide walk out in home advisor they have turned into a money machine putting out crap leafs and are chrging to much wont reimburse bad leads. Go to craftjack

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1317601

I am so disappointed with HA!!! They not only take your money without your knowledge, they will not refund your hard earned cash when you want to cancel.

They sent false leads and gave fake credits only to continue to take money out of my account!!! This company needs to be shut down! This is scamming at its finest, please who ever reads this do not deal with these people.

There are so many other real ways to generate good and real business. Lesson learned!!

to Very unhappy business owner #1508342

i called wellsfargo after they charged me for 500 bucks or so.so they refund me that .but actual cancel i called today. ive never read or opened any emails that theyv sent me about leads or anything after initial sign up with jared cortina of home advisor.i disagree with $679.26 totwal charges.

I DIDNT USED ANYTHING .I NEED MONEY BACK .WHY WOULD I WASTE FOR WHAT .proof for charges is attached . my company name is KGZ91 Roofing COmpany.https://imgur.com/a/k0J5q4Y

to *** THEM #1521558

Did you get money back?

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