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Hello, We're sorry to hear you've had anything but success with our service. We are not a scam and do our best to provide you with tools and opportunities to help you sell your business. Once you have signed up, our Customer Care department is there to address any questions or concerns you have about your account. While we are unable to refund outside of our refund period, we have cleared your outstanding balance from a lead received prior to your cancelation. If there is any further assistance we can offer, please call Customer Care at 877-947-3639 or reach out to -HASupport
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I've been with home advisor for about three weeks now received leads called customers no response gave me credit for three leads the other three leads they charged me tried to call my representative his name is Andrew Butler would never respond back to me I would have to call him several times and finally get a hold of him gave me the runaround call to cancel and get a refund they would not do that very rude do not sign up with this company because they are the biggest scam I've ever known not happy at all did not do anything for my business but screw me out of hundreds of dollars I'm out about 500 bucks worst company ever

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