Home Advisors is advertising that they are equivalent to Angie's List, and that they are better because they are free to the consumer.

Here's the bad news, they are VERY EXPENSIVE for the contractors!!!

The customer contacts them for a bid/estimate and Home Advisors contacts the contractors that PAY to be listed with them. Each lead that is emailed to the contractor costs us contractors on average $30 per lead, that's just a lead, no guarantee that you are getting the job!!!!

Angie's list has a yearly charge to the customer of $35 to be able to read all the reviews of the contractors listed for the type of work they are looking for.

We contractors that are listed with Angies List also pay a fee to Angies list to advertise with them, but it's totally realistic. At $30 per Lead this could drive a small company to bankruptcy.

Review about: Homeadvisor Leads.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: False leads they charge for, Pricing, Unsolicited leads, Unsolicited charges, Expensive for contractors.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #965606


We apologize if you have had a bad experience with us, but we hope all is well with your company. If there are concerns that you have about how our service works, we would certainly like the oppurtunity to address them.

If you would like to open a conversation with us, please let us know at emailus@homeadvisor.com and we would be happy to assist you.


HA Support

to HASupport Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #965632

Be upfront with the customers with what they are truly getting,since they are thinking its a better deal because they aren't charged a $35 fee to be a member.

Your lead fees are very expensive for the small business owner that is trying to survive.

I guess it's one thing if it's a guaranteed job, but it's not, it's just a lead.

Quite honestly your sales people are selling a bit deceptively.

I can tell you that customers aren't aware that's how you operate.

to jmjellison Baltimore, Maryland, United States #965997

Enough of your superficial bs, Home Advisor's.You are," sheep in wolves clothing"!Your deceptive, you're dishonest you are a scam!!!!

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