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Today I was contacted by Home Advisor in an attempt to get me to join. This sounded great at first and I was actually thinking about joining. I was told it coast about $288 a year and that it was $12 for each lead I was given. I was told contractors have about an 80% turn over with their leads. After reading everything about HA on this site, I will no longer give them a thought. Thanks to everyone on here who has posted their experience and I hope you have better luck in the future. God Bless!

Thank you!


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We are sorry to hear that you were dissuaded from our service due to complaints. We understand that we can never be perfect, but we are happy to tell you that we have an A+ rating with the BBB, as well as a 98% resolve rate for complaints made against us through the agency.

We understand that there will be mistakes made no matter what, but we do strive to do all that we can to address our customer's concerns.

If you would like any additional information about our service, please reach out to us at emailus@homeadvisor.com.


HA Support

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